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man kneeling down to feel a smooth, clean concrete floor

Discover the new 3M™ Concrete Floor Polishing and Maintenance System

  • commercial floor cleaning machine

    Long-lasting polishing power.

    While other concrete floor polishing and maintenance products rely on complex processes with inconsistent results, the 3M™ Concrete Floor Polishing and Maintenance System simplifies maintenance by providing both cleaning and gloss recovery in one step with no assembly or sharp blades required.

    Download the brochure (PDF, 249 KB)

Building Services Contractors (BSCs) are using high-quality, innovative 3M solutions to transform the way they clean. Deliver beautiful results and clean more efficiently with facility care systems that reduce BSC labor and increase consistency.

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    Innovative 3M facility care solutions increase efficiency.

    California-based Professional Maintenance Systems deploys 3M facility care solutions to reduce labor and waste, and decrease labor-intense, routine maintenance that can disrupt facilities. 

    Read the Professional Maintenance Systems case study. (PDF)

  • Report cover with words “Efficient Dusting Solutions Provide a More Reliable Clean” and image of worker dusting.
    Efficient dusting solutions provide a more reliable clean.

    Building services contractor OctoClean uses 3M™ Easy Trap™ Sweep and Dust Sheets to help meet the unique cleaning needs of medical facilities.

    Read the OctoClean case study. (PDF)

3M Product Solutions

Effective cleaning, lower cost of ownership.

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  • man using a high dusting tool wrapped with a 3M easy trap sweep and dust sheet to clean a commercial pendant light

    3M™ Easy Trap™ Sweep and Dust Sheets trap up to 800% more dirt, dust and sand than conventional flat-fringed cotton dust mops. 

  • Worker using 3M Floor Care System to clean floor in commercial building.

    The 3M™ Advanced Floor Care System helps BSCs achieve a beautiful, high-gloss floor as part of a daily cleaning routine.

  • male service contractor filling a chemical management dispenser with 3M chemicals

    3M™ Chemical Management Systems ensure surfaces are properly cleaned and disinfected by delivering more accurate cleaning chemical dilutions.

  • Worker replacing 3M Floor Pad on floor buffer.

    3M™ Floor Pads are designed to clean and scrub more effectively on each pass, for improved productivity and beautiful results in less time. 

  • Worker wearing protective glove disposing of used 3M Easy Clean Disposable Floor Mop Pad.

    Scotch-Brite™ Professional Mops and 3M™ Easy Clean Disposable Floor Mop Pads provide a sanitary, effective commercial mop alternative to reusable microfiber mops or string mops. 

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Simplify and standardize with training.

Meet regulatory requirements and exceed customer expectations. The interactive courses and videos at 3M’s Cleaning Workplace Solutions Academy deliver cost-effective training to improve the way you clean.