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Solutions for Your Floor Type

See how you can preserve the beauty of your floors with commercial floor cleaning systems that are efficient, effective and easy to use.

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Restore, Protect, and Maintain Your Floor

Comprehensive floor care solutions from 3M are long-lasting and easy to use, helping you achieve brilliant floor surfaces with improved durability while simplifying maintenance.

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    Beautiful Appearance

    Achieve long-lasting shine and clarity to put your facility in the best possible light.

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    Simplified Maintenance

    Boost productivity and stretch your budget by streamlining floor maintenance tasks.

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    Reduced Cost

    Use cleaning products that are more durable and require fewer steps—and spend less.

3M Floor Care Solutions

Find the Right System for Your Floor Type

Whether your facility has uncoated concrete, stone, or resilient floors, 3M offers a complete system to keep your floors looking beautiful. Choose your floor type below to explore our solutions.

Uncoated Concrete Floors

Maximum Shine.

Achieve higher levels of gloss and DOI.

Consistent Performance.

Brush conforms to uneven floors and cleans consistently despite low spots.

Easy to Install.

Easy to install with no assembly or pre-soaking required.


Longer brush life means less waste in landfills.

The 3M™ Concrete Floor Polishing and Maintenance System effectively cleans, polishes, and maintains uncoated concrete floors, so you can finally let your concrete floors shine. Plus it's coating free, making it better for your customers and the environment.

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Stone Floors

Efficient Results.

Maximize the beauty and streamline the maintenance of stone floors.

Remarkable Shine.

Leaves a natural looking shine with superior DOI and gloss retention.

No Guesswork.

Improve staff productivity and reduce cost.

High-Traction Surface.

NFSI certified for high traction.

The 3M™ Stone Floor Protection System is the complete stone floor system that reduces chemical use, boosts productivity and helps cut your cost to clean.

Resilient Floors

Less Effort.

Get the results you want without changing processes.

Beautiful Appearance.

High gloss with less labor and fewer chemicals.

Cost Savings.

Lower total cost of ownership.

Less Disruption.

Less disruption for your guests.

Reduce labor and product cost associated with routine maintenance of your resilient floors. Watch the video below to discover how the new 3M™ Advanced Floor Care System maintains the shine of your floors and reduces the need for labor intensive maintenance projects.

The 3M™ Advanced Floor Care System

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See how you can maintain and improve the appearance of your floors with less work and a lower budget. Schedule a visit at your facility, where we can demonstrate how our floor care solutions can increase shine and reduce maintenance. 

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