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Leave Bad Impressions in the Dust.

Poor cleanliness can trigger lasting harm to a facility and its reputation, and the quality and appearance of floors and surfaces are often key contributors to first impressions. Fortunately, effective and consistent dusting keeps dirt and debris out of sight, ensuring that your building is always ready for the spotlight.

Achieve a white glove clean.

3M Dusting Solutions

From floors and tops of doorways to light fixtures and hard-to-reach corners, dust is everywhere and on everything. In order to keep a space free of unwanted debris, it's crucial to have a dusting system that provides a top-down solution with efficient, versatile and reliable results.

  • Make effective and consistent dusting a priority with 3M™ Easy Trap™ Sweep and Dust Sheets to ensure your facility is always looking its best.

  • Untreated, microfiber disposable cloth leaves surface residue-free. Ideal for dusting floors before and after burnishing or prior to recoating.

Dusting Tools

  • Use both sides of 3M™ Easy Trap™ Sweep and Dust Sheets without touch, with a simple flip of the wrist. Clamps secure sheets to tool. Available in 17, 35, 47 and 59 inch widths.

    Dec 1, 1901
  • Secure 3M™ Doodleduster disposable dust cloths into place for floor dusting. Available in 25-inch and 38-inch widths.

    Dec 1, 1901
  • Use both sides of 3M™ Easy Trap Sweep & Dust Sheets with a simple flip of the wrist, without touch. Sheets adhere with hook and loop. Available in 23-inch width.

    Dec 1, 1901

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  • Dusting and disinfecting are two key elements within a cleaning strategy that can successfully address the risk of infection. Read more on how to develop a cleaning strategy with strong dusting and disinfectant elements to successfully combat healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

  • A clean floor may not be the first thing visitors notice, but a dirty floor will certainly catch unwanted attention. Learn how to develop and implement a comprehensive floor care strategy to ensure positive first impressions.

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