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  • bottom of an orange, circular floor brush with bristles

    Concrete Floor Care
    3M™ Concrete Floor Polishing & Maintenance System A better solution for uncoated concrete floors. The 3M™ Concrete Floor Polishing and Maintenance System effectively cleans, polishes, and maintains uncoated concrete floors, so you can finally let your concrete floors shine. Plus it's coating free, making it better for your customers and the environment.

    Scotch-Brite™ Diamond Floor Brush 3000
    Scotch-Brite™ Diamond Floor Brush 3000 Series is designed to clean and polish uncoated concrete, terrazzo and potentially other stone floors in one step. Brush 3000 is a finer grit brush intended for daily use on floors where medium to high gloss is desired. It is conformable allowing the flexible bristles to reach low spots on the floor while minimizing debris clogging. No assembly or pre-soaking is required and it is easy to install on standard, low-speed equipment.

man kneeling and touching a clean commercial cement floor

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  • four different sized boxes of easy trap sweep and dust sheets

    3M™ Easy Trap™ Sweep and Dust Sheets deliver consistently superb results with less manual effort than competitive tacky dusting sheets.

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  • Hand Pads

    3M invented scouring pads back in 1958, and we’ve spent the next 50+ years making improvements based on the real world needs of commercial kitchens. The Scotch-Brite™ Professional scouring pads are designed to deliver effective and consistent performance.

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  • Floor Pads

    You know how difficult it is to maintain clean, safe and beautiful floors. It’s an ongoing challenge that requires a commitment to excellence. That’s why 3M created an integrated family of floor pads, designed to achieve superior results in less time.

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  • Advanced Floor Care System

    The 3M™ Advanced Floor Care System helps you achieve a beautiful, high-gloss floor while reducing maintenance costs. For best results, incorporate all three products into your routine maintenance.

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  • 3M Stone Floor Protection System

    Day after day, your floors take a beating. Give them new life and long-lasting shine with 3M™ Stone Floor Protection. Add brilliant shine and a tough layer of protection that helps you save time and money.