military family reunited in an airport cleaned with 3M commercial cleaning products
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So clean, they won't even notice.

Help make your building safer, cleaner and more welcoming with 3M innovation that spans the spectrum of commercial cleaning and safety.

Facility care solutions for commercial cleaning and safety.

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Every facility has a personality that leaves an impression on every guest. But even the slightest thing — a spill, a frayed mat, fingerprints — can instantly change a guest’s experience. That’s why we’re dedicating our science, technology and innovative spirit to developing the systems that help you provide a safe and welcoming experience for your guests.

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Simplify cleaning with facility care systems

At 3M, we engineer our facility care systems to be more effective, require fewer steps and reduce dust, dirt, hair and debris.

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Create great first — and lasting — impressions.

The floor is the first thing your guests see when they walk through the door — and its condition reflects on you. From buffing to cleaning to shining, we’ll help you restore the beauty of your floors with systems that are easy, sustainable and safe to use.

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