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Working at 3M Areas of Expertise

Here, we discover and innovate in nearly every industry under the sun. We even innovate with the sun. From personal protective equipment to office supplies to oral care products, 3M's products and innovations impact your everyday life. Check out all the areas of 3M where you can bring your expertise.

  • Health Care

    Developing products that health care providers depend on for their patients.

  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing for manufacturers. Creating everything from ultra-strong abrasives to futuristic materials.

  • Safety

    Helping make the world a safer place, from cleaner water in Mumbai to roadway improvements in London.

  • Automotive

    Working to improve the automotive industry, from improving fuel economy to revolutionizing the painting process.

  • Electronics

    Building devices that will power and create a more automated world.

  • Energy

    Harvesting sunlight. Developing and supplying a reliable connection to the grid. Enabling power transmission lines to carry more power.

  • Commercial Solutions

    Delivering comprehensive solutions to provide safe, consistent experiences for businesses.

  • Transportation

    Providing safer, more comfortable, durable and environmentally responsible modes of transportation.

  • Communications

    Developing a more connected world by harnessing the power of more than 45 technology platforms.

  • Design & Construction

    Providing quality products that can transform an environment.

  • Mining, Oil & Gas

    Streamlining the mineral extraction industry for those working with challenging conditions in harsh and remote geographies.

  • Consumer

    Enabling creativity, simplicity and efficiency in homes, offices and schools across the world.

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