• 3M CEO Champions Change to Advance Women in the Workplace

    • 3M CEO Inge Thulin and Catalyst CEO Deborah Gillis talk about diversity and inclusion in the workplace

      On International Women’s Day 2017, Inge Thulin, 3M’s Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO, became one of around 50 founding members of the Catalyst CEO Champions For Change initiative focused on supporting a diverse workforce, strengthening an inclusive company culture and increasing gender equality in the workplace. Thulin signed on to this initiative at the 2017 Catalyst Awards ceremony, where 3M was recognized for our proven approach to expand opportunities for women and business.

      As part of the Champions For Change commitment, Thulin publicly pledged to increase women’s representation over the next five years, particularly at the senior level and within the board of directors, as well as actively sponsor a diverse group of women. Participating in this initiative is just one of the ways 3M is working towards our Sustainability goal to double the pipeline of diverse talent in management by 2025. 

    “Diversity and inclusion, in addition to sustainability, are my personal values, and they are key to making 3M an even more competitive enterprise.”
    Inge Thulin
    Chairman of the Board, President and CEO, 3M Company

    • Logo for the Catalyst organization's CEO Champions For Change initiative

      The CEO Champions For Change initiative is also intended to encourage more organizations to make commitments around increasing gender equality and highlights the great work of 3M and other Champion companies to advance women’s leadership, create a more diverse workforce and support a workplace culture where everyone feels included. Thulin also sat down with Deborah Gillis, President and CEO of Catalyst, to talk about the progress 3M has made and how diversity and inclusion support innovative ideas and business competitiveness. Visit the CEO Champions For Change site to hear more of their conversation. 

    • Logos for diversity and inclusion recognition 3M has received, including 2017 Catalyst Award, Disability Equality Index, and Corporate Equality Index

      At 3M, we’ve made great strides in increasing representation of women in senior leadership and STEM-related management positions – and we were proud to receive the 2017 Catalyst Award in recognition of this progress. As we continue to work to achieve our goal of doubling our pipeline of diverse talent in management, we’ve also been proud to be named one of the Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion based on the Disability Equality Index® and one of the Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality based on the Corporate Equality Index

      At 3M, we participate in initiatives like CEO Champions For Change to demonstrate that we will continue to do even more to support a diverse workforce and ensure all 3Mers feel included. Because here, we’re committed to offering an inclusive workplace culture where individuals of all experiences, backgrounds and abilities are free to be their true selves, develop and reach their full potential. 

      To learn more about the Catalyst CEO Champions For Change initiative and hear powerful statements from CEOs about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, visit http://www.catalyst.org/champions 

      The site also features the Catalyst organization’s newest report, Everyday Heroes: Catalyst CEO Champions For Change, which demonstrates that personal commitment from top leadership goes a long way to advancing women in the workplace.