3M's Culture

3M culture and what makes us unique

Here, our culture is critical to enabling the magic we know as science. It’s extremely important that at 3M all of our employees are able to focus on making an impact on the world and feel empowered to bring innovation in their work. Explore all the ways that 3M helps our employees thrive.

  • Mentorships

    From executive, regional and functional mentoring to cause-based and informal, discover how 3M offers mentorship opportunities for every individual. 

  • Flexible Working

    Check out how 3M employees are finding professional and personal successes by applying a flexible work practice.

  • Innovation

    Uncover how 3M’s unique 15% Culture, core to our innovative history, encourages employees to set aside a portion of their work time to proactively cultivate and pursue innovative ideas that excite them. 

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Get to know how 3M works to reflect the diversity of our employees, customers, suppliers and channel partners.

  • Employee Resource Network

    Discover how 3M gives employees an opportunity to network, collaborate and enhance their leadership skills. 

  • Military and Veterans

    Learn about why 3M recognizes the unique skills and experiences military veterans, service members and military spouses bring to their careers.

  • Community Engagement

    Learn about 3MGives, an initiative that aims to make a positive impact in three focus areas—education, community and environment—with the help of 3M employees.

  • Global Service Program

    Read about how 3M employees can travel the world to contribute to a solution for a pressing social or environmental issue.

  • Awards and Recognition

    See how 3M is being recognized as a successful and innovative business and employer.

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