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    • Merry music is filling stores, office parties are in full swing and How the Grinch Stole Christmas is on TV, which can only mean one thing: the holidays are here.

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      For many, this season is a festive one filled with friends, family, food and presents. However, for criminals, the holiday season is an opportunity to raid homes that are full of gifts, especially easy-to-sell electronics and jewelry. Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day report the second highest burglary rates of the year, and retail crimes increase by about 30% during the holidays. Approximately 65% of these home burglaries take place in broad daylight.

      However, when it comes to home security, the best defense is a good offense. Read on to learn about 4 tips that can all help to protect your home and loved ones this holiday season.

    4 Tips that can help to protect your home in the holiday seasons

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      •   If you are staying home during the holidays, don’t let packages pile up and install a security camera on your front porch to keep an eye on those holiday deliveries. Burglars are 60% less likely to attempt a burglary if they notice a home security or alarm system.


      •   Be careful what you post on social media when you travel during the holidays. A thief trolling social media who happens to see your vacation post could infer you aren’t home, giving them ample time to break-in.


      •   Even if you live in a “safe” neighborhood, don’t leave items visible in your car and make sure to lock your doors and roll up your windows. The same goes for your home. 1 in 3 home burglaries occurred via unforced entry, meaning a door was either unlocked or open.


      •   Install 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film on your home and vehicle, which can help provide precious time by helping to deter unwanted individuals from and protecting against smash & grab burglaries. Fortify your windows with 3M™ window film to help protect your loved ones and cherished possessions this holiday season.


      • Don’t let a Grinch steal your holiday spirit—talk to an Authorized 3M™ Window Film Dealer Installer.