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Firefighters spraying water on a building with smoke billowing in the background
Trust and Confidence. Even Under Fire.

3M™ Fire Protection Solutions have been there from the beginning of the firestop industry and we continue to come up with new ways to make structures safer.

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Image of 3M™ Dryer Vent Wrap installed around metal ductwork and resting on wood support beams
Duct Protection in Wood-Frame Projects

Introducing an easy-to-install wrap that provides 1-hour fire protection for small sheet steel duct systems in wood frame construction.

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3M™ Firestop Solutions

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Featured Products

  • 3M™ Fire Barrier Rated Foam FIP 1-Step

    Easy to install, requiring no backing material in wall or floor applications. Paintable, sag-resistant formula expands in volume up to five times at installation; intumescent foam also expands when exposed to fire. Firestop tested and rated up to two hours.

  • 3M™ Interam™ Endothermic Mat (E-Mat)

    Flexible solution installs quickly and easily, even on complex shapes. Significantly slows heat transfer in a fire, protecting structural steel components for up to four hours, critical electrical components for up to three and wall opening membranes for up to two. Easy to maintain and inspect.

  • 3M™ Smoke and Sound Tape

    Acts as a barrier to minimize smoke and sound transfer in non-fire-rated wall and floor joints. High-tack adhesive bonds to most common building materials in a variety of conditions, including damp surfaces and temperatures down to 0°F.

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Two workers reviewing construction plans on a job site
Technical Library
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Featured Systems

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Firestop Solutions for a Variety of Industries

Health Care

Fire barrier management is a critical component of any healthcare facility. As your trusted brand and life safety partner, 3M proudly provides:

  • A comprehensive line of passive fire protection products designed for a wide range of listed installations
  • Technical expertise, installer/facility training and ongoing customer service
  • Cost-effective solutions for more accurate data management and improved contractor coordination
  • Help providing critical information and quality installations needed for your Statement of Conditions
  • Proven 3M firestopping technologies that help you meet building code requirements and pass Joint Commission and other critical life safety inspections
  • Experts to tailor a fire protection software program to your specific healthcare facility requirements

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Every extra second a fire is held in check is one more second for people to get to safety. As your trusted source for fire barrier solutions, 3M offers:

  • The broadest line of passive fire protection options for commercial and both new and retrofit residential construction projects
  • Continually evolving technologies, from time-tested fire barrier sealants to today’s innovative firestop devices and duct wraps
  • A trusted partner at any point in the project, whether you're an architect looking for specifications or an installer requiring basic or advanced training
  • Speedy engineering judgments when you come across situations that aren’t covered in specifications
  • Industry innovations such as tapes that provide construction joints with tested barriers against fire and water or smoke and sound

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Oil & Gas

Keeping electrical and control systems operational in the event of a fire is critical for an orderly shutdown and evacuation. As your oil and gas fire protection provider, 3M has:

  • Products that are tested and listed to protect critical electrical circuitry against both standard fires and, for shorter periods, intense hydrocarbon heat
  • Protection for structural components that are easy to install and maintain with little or not disruption to operations
  • Passive fire protection products as an alternative or supplement to active systems for protecting against vessel failure
  • Practical and proven applications for superior refinery protection, including outstanding performance in high-intensity fires with advanced protection for your most critical assets

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Passenger Rail

A moving train increases the danger of fire spreading due to both increased air supply and sparks flying back to other cars. As a trusted source for firestop solutions, 3M offers:

  • Proven technologies to help prevent fire from spreading
  • FST test results for many products so you know you meet the standard
  • Technical expertise, installer training and ongoing customer service
  • 40 years of experience in the passive fire protection industry stopping fires moving from room to room – search for Flame, Smoke and Toxicity test results by product or by test standard

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Why 3M?

  • Protecting Lives for More Than 35 Years
    Older version of the 3M logo that was used from 1961 to 1978

    In 1974, the movie Towering Inferno (produced by Irwin Allen) sparked the imagination of Richard Licht, a 3M product developer who passionately believed 3M technologies could be used to improve the safety of multi-story buildings. Several devastating fires — including the 1980 MGM Grand Hotel fire that killed 84 people and injured 679 — inspired Licht to develop the first firestop products based on existing 3M intumescent technology.

    Recognized by many at 3M as “one of the fathers of firestopping,” Licht also helped develop some of the first firestop requirements in commercial building codes. He worked tirelessly to make the codes more progressive to improve the safety of all buildings.

    Comprehensive fire protection includes fire detection, fire containment and fire suppression. 3M Fire Protection Products address fire containment and are an integral part of a well-designed fire protection system. Our understanding of the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases helps us continue to create preventative and affordable firestopping solutions.

ASTM International logo

3M helps write the first specific test standard for through penetration firestop systems (ASTM E 814)

A roll of 3M™ Fire Barrier Plenum Wrap

3M introduces fire protection wraps for grease, air, fume and plenum ducts

Worker applying 3M™ FireDam™ Spray

3M introduces Firedam Spray for construction joints to meet ASTM 1399 test criteria

Water Tight logo, used to show a product prevents water leakage

3M launches first firestop sealants to meet new UL Water Leakage Test, W Rating-Class 1 requirements

Logo reading Number One Brand Preferred by Firestop Contractors

3M named #1 brand preferred by installers of firestop products.

Cover of the e-Train brochure

3M develops e-Train, a comprehensive on-line firestop program that has become the industry benchmark for training

3M™ Fire Barrier Sealant CP 25WB+ applied to a through-penetration
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  • Infographic with text “35+ Years: 3M invented fire protection products over 35 years ago”
  • Infographic with text “5,000+ Trained: 3M’s E-training program is accessible, thorough and quick”
  • Infographic with text “Expertise & Service: Solve problems quickly with our unsurpassed Fire Protection expertise”

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  • Sign up for building knowledge

    Sign Up For ‘Building Knowledge’

    Building Knowledge is your 3M link to explore building envelope systems and products. We point you to how-to videos, technical data and more related to air barrier, fire protection, structural glazing and thermal protection systems and how they work in your building. We’re glad you connected with 3M and we appreciate the opportunity to provide you with additional information about building envelope systems and products.

    *If you are from outside the United States, unfortunately we are unable to send you e-mails at this time as this program is for US customers only

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  • The 3M Firestop Management System (FMS), featuring 3M Fire Protection Products, is a web-based application that helps facility managers control their operations, improve compliance performance and simplify the inspection process. The easy-to-use software helps provide real-time management of critical information, such as relevant firestop documentation, worksite permits and daily passes. It also helps track the status of firestop installations and generate reports with critical firestop system and contractor status information. The Firestop Management System is a versatile system that allows significant user configurations, ultimately creating a faster and easier management tool for facility managers and their teams.

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    Read A Case Study (PDF, 407.81 KB)


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