• 6 Ways to Sign Your Way to Better Sales

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    Signage is more than basic information. Use it to spur more sales.

    • Signage is no longer a static tool used to deliver basic information; it can be an essential part of a sales and marketing strategy, says Thom Casey, a marketing specialist with Tex Visions, a signage and printing company in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

      With the range of materials, printing options, and applications available, signage can help you improve your bottom line. Here are six tips to maximizing its power.

      1. Be recognizable

      Your signage should be an extension of your brand, carrying your look and messaging, Casey says. Disparate fonts, graphics, fonts and other design elements can weaken your brand promise and message. Whether your signage is in-store, hanging in a trade show booth, or sharing brand information at an event, it should look like it came from your company.

      2. Consider visibility

      Signage isn’t useful if it can’t be seen clearly. Consider factors like glare, wind, and long-term wear and tear when you’re planning signage to ensure you select the right materials and finishes, Casey says. Font sizes and angle of placement are also important to maximizing exposure and sharing your message.

      3. Create urgency

      While you don’t want to include too much information on your signage, making it difficult or unpleasant to read, you can use it to motivate shoppers to buy. Signage is an effective way to call out a limited time promotion or sale on certain items, Casey says. You might create an in-store display with signage promoting a time-sensitive offer on certain product combinations, which both encourages immediate sales and increases the number of items customers are motivated to buy.

      4. Spur impulse buys

      Use signage at point-of-purchase areas and throughout the store to remind customers of common items they might purchase, or to suggest add-ons, Casey says. For example, if customers are buying a printer, use signage to suggest the accessories that they will need, such as various papers, additional ink cartridges, and an extension cord.

      5. Direct traffic

      Use your store’s walls, floor, shelving and even ceiling to direct traffic to the products your customers want. Signage can make it easy to spot specific departments or areas within your place of business. The easier it is to navigate your place of business, the more customers can find what they need and want to buy.

      6. Change your look

      Large-format signage, vinyl wall applications, and other creative signage applications can affordably give your store a new look without the investment of an entire redesign, Casey says. When you make your store interesting and continuously give your customers new experiences, they’ll be motivated to return again and again, he says.

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