• 4 Keys to Redesigning Your Signs

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    When you reboot your image, don’t leave your signage behind.

    • Periodically, most businesses need to refresh their brand’s look and identity. When you’re investing in a reboot, be sure to think about how your signage will change, too, since it is an important marketing tool for many businesses. Here are five keys to effective signage redesign.

      1. Get the perspective

      First, examine the spaces where your signage will be placed to get a sense of what works best, says marketing consultant Drew Cerullo, founder of Better Profit Growth, which helps businesses attract more customers. “Many business owners are too ‘close’ to their businesses in a way, and they’re overlooking the obvious placements that could really increase their sales,” he says. Walk through your business like a first-time customer and try to see your signs as they would see them,” he says.

      Look at the size of the space, lighting, and other factors that will affect the sign’s visibility. At what angle is it best viewed? How large should the typography be in order to be seen? If you have signage currently in the space, think about how it can be improved, he says.

      2. Design with intent

      Next, think about what you need your signage to do. “Every sign should have some sort of call to action or give them the information they need,” Cerullo says. Whether you’re directing customers to a particular area to find products they need or attempting to inspire them to buy, your copy and graphic elements should support that message clearly and concisely in a way that’s in keeping with your brand’s look and voice.

      3. Keep it simple

      It’s tempting to want to say as much as possible on your sign, but if you try to do too much, your entire message will be lost, Cerullo says. Instead, focus on one or, at the most, two key messages to communicate on each sign.

      4. Be consistent

      Over time, Cerullo says it’s not uncommon for businesses to collect a hodge-podge of signage, created on an as-needed basis. You may have directional signage, as well as price promotion signage and smaller signs about policies. Include them all in your redesign so they have a consistent look and better reinforce your business’ professionalism and brand, he says.

      Signage is an important tool in your marketing lineup. Be sure you’re using it for maximum impact in a way that enhances your key messages and brand promise, adds Cerullo.

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