Engineer operating a time-pressure system to dispense adhesive, using the Digital Dispensing Assistant
3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Digital Dispensing Assistant

Experience shorter machine setup time with our free new automation tool for Time-Pressure Systems – just enter the current conditions and desired flow rate.


Get improved adhesive processing results when using Time-Pressure Dispensing Equipment

Be confident you’re dispensing the right amount of adhesive to reduce waste and rework. Temperatures affect adhesive flow rates and disrupt repeatable processing which can lead to poor bonding outcomes.  Calibrating time-pressure dispensing systems every time the temperature changes can be a lengthy process. The 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Digital Dispensing Assistant uses extensive laboratory testing data and 3M materials science expertise to make it easy to predict the recommended pressure setting. It is free to use and accounts for variables such as temperature, aging and lot control.

After a simple, guided dispenser calibration, just enter the lot code information from the adhesive cartridge as well as the current temperature and desired flow rate. The Digital Dispensing Assistant will recommend the ideal pressure setting as you:

Easy Setup Process:

  • Engineer preparing a time-pressure system for dispensing adhesive
    1. Prepare
  • Engineer dispensing adhesive from a time-pressure system
    2. Dispense
  • Engineer typing in the weights of multiple adhesive shots into the Digital Dispensing Assistant calibration screen
    3. Weigh

  • Click on the purple hotspots to view steps on how to use the Digital Dispensing Assistant
    To Use:
    Click on the purple hotspots to view steps on how to use the Digital Dispensing Assistant
    Digital Dispensing Assistant Pressure calculation screen with Engineer adjusting the air pressure gauge dial to 40.5PSI

Step 1:

Enter 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ adhesive cartridge lot code

Step 2:

Enter desired flow rate

Step 3:

Enter current temperature

Step 4:

Select “Calculate Pressure”

Step 5:

Set air pressure value on your system

Worker using 3Mᵀᴹ Scotch-Weldᵀᴹ adhesives.
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