Technician sets up compact single-use polishing AEX membrane adsorber.

Single-use anion exchange chromatography

Single-use technology is a cost-efficient option to increase biomass production in therapeutic recombinant protein processes across a wide range of operating conditions.


A cost-efficient, compact solution

  • 3M Polisher ST purifier containing a quaternary ammonium functional nonwoven and a guanidinium functional membrane.
    3M™ Polisher ST

    3M™ Polisher ST can be used to replace downstream AEX polishing columns in both fed batch and continuous manufacturing. It features:

    • 100x mAb loading of typical Q resin (10+ kg/m² target loading)
    • Scalability from lab to manufacturing scale
    • High salt and low pH tolerance
    • Robust viral clearance across very wide range of conditions

    This technology provides a compact, small footprint solution with higher capacity for delivering high purity and yield in the downstream polishing unit operation as part of a connected continuous downstream operation for the flexible facility of the future.

    3M Polisher ST allows a facility strategy that can overcome scale limitations and enable cost-efficient manufacturing to support the growing demand for biologics.

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    3M Polisher ST is a fully encapsulated single-use anion exchange (AEX) membrane adsorber product. It is designed for the downstream processing of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and other recombinant proteins in flow-through mode. The product is intended to reduce host cell proteins (HCPs), viruses and other negatively charged contaminants as part of the polishing chromatography purification of biopharmaceutical process streams.

    This synthetic membrane adsorber contains two complementary AEX-functional medias:

    • A quaternary ammonium (“Q”) functional nonwoven which provides reduction of turbidity, DNA and endotoxin. It also may provide HCP and virus reduction depending on fluid conditions.
    • A guanidinium-functional membrane which is salt and pH tolerant and provides high HCP and virus reduction performance in a wider range of conditions compared to conventional Q-functional AEX resins. The novel guanidinium functionality of the downstream AEX polishing membrane mimics the amino acid arginine, one of the three positively charged naturally occurring standard amino acids that make up proteins.

    3M Polisher ST is designed to improve monoclonal antibody development and manufacturing processes in a wide range of polishing process conditions.

    Production capsules will be available at a later date.

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Bioprocessing reimagined

You can achieve higher yield through chromatographic clarification of cell culture fluid including the reduction of HCP, DNA and endotoxins. These solutions enable elimination and/or reduction in size of unit operations. The 3M solution may lead to better overall process economics. This process train illustrates how a combination of 3M products work together to create processing solutions that simplify the purification process and eliminate process steps.

3M Solutions

Eliminate the centrifuge

The combination of 3M™ Zeta Plus™ Series Depth Filter, 3M™ Emphaze™ AEX Hybrid Purifier and 3M™ LifeASSURE™ Membrane Filters may be a compelling alternative to a centrifuge-based Harvest-Clarification process.

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Comprehensive options

Single-use, encapsulated devices for the removal of cell mass with low cell shear. Wide selection of grades and two charge levels for small particle removal and membrane filter protection.

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Simplify the process

Synthetic, single-use chromatographic clarification device. Delivers consistent, high-purity clarified process fluid by providing flow-through chromatographic separation of negatively charged HCP, DNA and endotoxins.

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Quality and reliable

3M™ Emphaze™ AEX Hybrid Purifier enables use of a smaller 3M™ LifeASSURE™ PDA filter capsule and/or tighter grade membrane for more consistent bioburden control and higher product recovery.

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Cost-efficient and compact

3M Polisher ST is a fully encapsulated single-use anion exchange (AEX) product intended to reduce host cell protein impurities, viruses, and other negatively charged contaminants in flow-through polishing chromatography.

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3M™ Polisher ST

Cost-efficient and compact

3M Polisher ST is a fully encapsulated single-use anion exchange (AEX) product intended to reduce host cell protein impurities, viruses, and other negatively charged contaminants in flow-through polishing chromatography.

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Industry insights

Explore publications from industry experts to learn about the latest innovations and emerging trends in bioprocessing.

  • The goal of new bioprocessing strategies is to increase the biopharmaceutical process robustness and to reduce its cost. Here we explore the effects of implementing such new strategies, enabled by novel 3M solutions, on the cost of mAb manufacturing process using modeling. Specifically we look at implementation of high precision chromatographic clarification using a high performance single use 3M Polisher ST AEX polishing solutions.

  • Advancements in downstream processing are necessary to remove purification bottlenecks, for streamlining development and reducing cost, complexity, and risks associated with biopharmaceutical production. Innovation in functional chemistries and materials science create opportunities for technology suppliers to integrate upstream and downstream unit operations with membrane chromatography solutions.

  • Learn about novel bioprocessing technologies in the biomanufacturing space that are in development for existing downstream processes.

    How lower overall costs and facility fit as e2e solutions facilitate greater implementation.

  • Join us as we explore how novel bioprocessing solutions, based on advanced materials and ligand chemistries, enable new bioprocessing strategies that address critical challenges in process simplification and intensification. Specifically, we demonstrate how implementing chromatographic separation at clarification enables single stage, scalable, and efficient harvesting unit operation. Additionally, we show that a combination of novel ligand chemistry and non-woven support technologies, enable effective transition of the polisher AEX unit operation to a single use solution, using 3M Polisher ST.

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Designed for the flexible facility of the future

A compact, small footprint solution with greater capacity for delivering higher purity and yield downstream.


  • Older solutions for AEX polishing columns requiring a much larger footprint.
  • 3M Polisher ST is compact, small footprint solution.

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