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    Shine brighter. Stay safer.


    3M™ Trifecta Green/Light Green Mesh
    Shine brighter. Stay safer.

    3M™ Headlight Restoration Kits can can help improve headlight brightness by more than 200%, making your nighttime driving safer.

    • The road can be a dangerous place. Especially at night, when visibility is reduced. That's when you rely on your headlights the most. 3M has a family of headlight restoration kits to make sure your headlights shine bright, and you see what's in front of you. The kits use one of 3M's most advanced technologies: 3M™ Trizact™ Performance Abrasives. An engineered surface of microreplicated structures, Trizact abrasives save time, and help you achieve a finer, and longer lasting finish. These kits combine optimal results with unmatched ease of use, making them perfect for both auto professionals and novice vehicle owners alike.
      See how you can keep your headlights shining bright.