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    Lead-free, with a smoother ride.


    Car driving - 3M™ Wheel Weights

    • Selecting the right wheel weights just got a whole lot easier. Our highly flexible and conformable wheel weight technology is available in rolls that can be cut to fit any vehicle’s tire specifications. This eliminates the need to inventory dozens of traditional weight sizes and types, freeing up floor space for more products and machines.

      3M™ Wheel Weight System’s unique, easy-to-use material provides customers with a tighter line of balancing that allows them to enjoy a smoother, more comfortable driving experience.

      This proprietary wheel weight product also eliminates the potential for corrosion which improves both wheel and overall vehicle appearance. Our system combines conformable wheel balancing material and industry-leading 3M™ Automotive Attachment Tape to provide an all-in-one, securely attached wheel weight balancing system that saves on inventory costs, without compromising on performance.

      And as businesses look for more environmentally responsible alternatives to lead wheel weights, which fall from our vehicles and enter our storm sewers and landfills, we designed a composite material to replace lead - the 3M Wheel Weight System. Not only is our material flexible and conformable, it delivers a quality ride while helping to decrease the negative impact of lead on the environment.