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    3M Science. Helping you keep your cool.


    3M Trifecta Orange/Light Orange Mesh
    3M Science. Helping you keep your cool.

    The sun bakes down. Car seats get hot. And children, pets or your bare legs could get sun burned. Or, not—if 3M Science has anything to say about it. Stay cool and help protect passengers from UV rays with the science behind 3M™ Automotive Window Films.

    • Boy sleeping in a car.

      Help keep your kids from having a melt down and from soaking up harmful rays from the sun.

      Our multi-layer film technology helps keep out the heat, with more than 200 layers of protection in a film as thin as a Post-It® Note. 3M™ Window Films block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and up to 79% of solar heat—keeping car interiors cooler.

      In addition to protection against heat and harmful UV rays, our films also help reduce glare, which translates into better observation and control behind the wheel.

      All thanks to 3M Science.