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    Style that stays.


    Car driving through a forest - 3M™ Window Films

    • You want your car to look good, long after you’ve driven it off the lot. And if you're modifying it to fit your style with add-ons like tinted window films, you need quality accessories to help you customize right. That's why we developed 3M™ Automotive Window Film Color Stable Series. This film creates the same look as factory-tinted glass, without fading, cracking or turning purple over time like other films.

      To create a sleek look that stays, our 3M scientists developed a unique nano-carbon polyester technology that achieves maximum heat rejection (to keep you cool on the inside) and maintains the color of the film (to keep you looking cool from the outside). Beyond keeping the tint over time, our window films are held in place by powerful 3M adhesives to minimize bubbling and blistering. Plus, they’re coated with a special scratch-resistant layer to protect against wear and tear.

      So wherever your car takes you, you can look your best on the road and off with the help of 3M science.