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    Bumper to bumper protection.


    Boys sitting on tailgate - Scotchgard™ Protection from 3M.

    • No matter how careful you are with your car, life happens. Luckily for you, 3M has developed specific products that keep the surfaces of your vehicle protected from the elements, inside and out. 3M™ Vehicle Protection Products are applied by trained dealership professionals.

      Leather and Vinyl
      Keep your interior in peak condition by protecting it from the sun. Scotchgard™ Leather and Vinyl Protector creates an invisible barrier blocking ultraviolet light to help your dashboard, seats and accessories stay closer to their showroom shine, mile after mile.

      Coffee, soda, your children’s cereal…These everyday messes may find their way inside your car, but they don’t need to stay there.

      Mud and spills are “gonna happen”…let Scotchgard™ products protect your vehicle’s seats, carpets and floor mats.

      Our Scotchgard™ Carpet Protector and Scotchgard™ Fabric Protector create a hydrophobic coating around every last fiber of your interior, so spills pool on top instead of soaking in and staining. That means a cleaner surface is just a wipe away.

      Tree sap, bird droppings, scratches—they're nothing to Scotchgard™ Paint Protector. It's a film that creates a durable chemical bond with your car's paint, so it stays on but gunk slides right off. And it's got self-healing properties, so most scratches will start fading without the need for any elbow grease.