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    When it comes to fuel economy, less (weight) is more.


    3M™ Trifecta Green/Light Green Mesh
    When it comes to fuel economy, less (weight) is more.
    Helping you meet the demand for lighter and more fuel efficient vehicles.

    • 3M™ Automotive - Lightweighting

      When it comes to cars today, less really is more—because the less a car weighs, the more fuel-efficient it is. That makes vehicle weight reduction a challenge—and an opportunity—in the auto industry.

      With almost 100 years of automotive experience, 3M understands the unique challenges you face as an OEM. That’s why we’re dedicated to innovating new lightweighting solutions, so you can provide only the best in vehicle design, manufacture, and repair—all while helping to improve fuel economy.

      Our 3M™ Glass Bubbles can be used as filler in a car’s plastic components, making them lighter with similar physical properties. Our adhesives and tapes enable the use of lighter-weight materials in the vehicle and can reduce or even eliminate the need for mechanical fixtures. You can even reduce vehicle weight and noise by using 3M™ Thinsulate™ Acoustic Insulation instead of traditional acoustic packages.

      The result? Cars that are lighter and more fuel efficient than ever thought possible.

      That’s just the beginning. We’re driving innovation every day with an eye toward the upcoming CAFE standards in 2025. And because 3M is a brand you can trust, you can feel confident in the quality of your work. Because your reputation is only as good as your work—so make sure it’s 3M.