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    Start seeing safety on the roads.


    3M™ Trifecta Orange/Light Orange mesh
    Start seeing safety on the roads.

    Improve worker and driver safety with highly reflective 3M™ Work Zone Sheeting.

    • 3M™ Work Zone Sheeting

      With an increase in the number of work zone projects these work zones are some of the most dangerous areas on any roadway. The combination of morphing traffic patterns, changing speeds and distracting construction equipment can add up to dangerous results.

      To enhance safety for workers and drivers, 3M developed a line of highly reflective fluorescent orange sheeting which provides enhanced daytime and nighttime visibility. Guidance in the work zones are mostly visual, increasing the need for more visible devices to help direct the flow of traffic safely.

      In temporary traffic control situations, it is crucial drivers have enough time to react to traffic control safety devices and highly visible fluorescent orange signs on the side of the road. Our roadway technologies are eight times brighter than engineer grade sheeting making them much easier to spot in a variety of driving conditions.

      Research shows fluorescent signage can be seen 40% farther away than standard orange signage. This increased visibility allows drivers to react to the changing patterns of work zones. And in a high-traffic situation, every second counts.

      3M roadway technologies also come in handy at night or in inclement weather. Bright fluorescent colors provide superior visibility in all types of weather conditions day and night, dawn and dusk. So, while no one likes encountering a work zone, at least you'll know it's coming with reflective materials from 3M.