Chemically Strip and/or Sand: Protect Aircraft Carpet

Protecting Aircraft Interiors

As a long-trusted supplier of surface protection products, 3M provides OEM-specified solutions for protecting aircraft carpets and other interior surfaces. 3M™ Dirt Trap material is engineered to trap dirt and other contaminants, preventing them from spreading around during painting and getting into areas subject to a lot of foot traffic. It features a low-tack adhesive that keeps it firmly in place on smooth surfaces, yet removes without residue. 3M™ Dirt Trap is approved by major aircraft OEMs for its reliability and ease of application.

Products for Protecting Aircraft Interiors

  • 3M™ Dirt Trap Protection Material Floor Applicator

    These durable metal applicators feature a simple clamp-action holder that accepts 28" (as shown) or 56" width rolls of 3M™ Dirt Trap Protection Material. Foam rollers make for smooth, firm application. The handle is quickly inserted and removed, and it pivots to allow the applicator to be pushed and pulled back and forth in one easy motion, without taking the applicator apart.

  • 3M™ Dirt Trap Protection Material

    This adhesive-backed, nonwoven material traps dust, dirt and overspray, keeping particles away from your important work areas and paint finishes. The adhesive backing keeps the material firmly in place, yet removes cleanly without residue. It saves time and labor – instead of sweeping and scrubbing, simply peel the material up and put down a new layer.

  • 3M Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric

    Ideal for a wide range of temporary surface protection in industrial settings, this adhesive-backed material protects from water, oils, solvents and more. It features a nonwoven material that traps dirt, plus a tough barrier layer that prevents even tough grease and grime from seeping through to the surfaces beneath.

  • 3M™ Dirt Trap Protection Material Wall Applicator

    This applicator makes it easy for one person to apply 3M™ Dirt Trap Protection Material to vertical walls without uncomfortable lifting or bending. The fully portable, rolling applicator features a clamp-action holder for 28" width rolls of 3M™ Dirt Trap Protection Material. Foam rollers help apply the material firmly and smoothly, without wrinkles or folds.

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