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    3M returned to JEC World to help industry partners simplify and solve through science.

    • 3M is really a very global and diverse company, well known on the market, a very big one. We are more than 90,000 people in the world, supporting very diverse, I will say, companies and activities because we are actively working in three different business groups. The first one is the safety and industrial market, so general industry, very wide, selling safety product to structural adhesive and abrasive. And then we have the transportation and electromechanical group, which is the one which is really, I would say, well representative on the JEC show because it's where we are serving the aerospace industry, the automotive industry, and also the electronics market. And then we have two additional business group. One is the consumer, maybe the most, I would say, well known part of 3M because it's the famous Post-it notes and it's also the masking tape that we invented several years ago. And then the health care business because we are also very active. And more, especially, after this two years of COVID period, we are very active in mask protection manufacturing and also in vaccine purification. So we are really a very broad company in terms of product, in terms of market, and a very diverse one. In this area, we have two, really, I would say, main innovation that we are providing for the composite market. The first one is regarding the safety. We have developed recently very good product for the lightning strike protection, which is very important for the safety of the aircraft, and we developed a product that is combining the safety aspect with the lightweight aspect. So we are providing a product for the customer that will be lightweight-er than the, I would say, traditional way of protecting the composite part but with a very safe solution that will provide, I would say, a long term and a very efficient way to protect the different type of aircraft from the lightning strike. So it's not necessarily only commercial aircraft. It can also be used for UAV product. It can also be used for urban mobility product. And the second one is more related to the fiber. So we are continuing to develop new ceramic fiber to help to replace metallic parts and more, especially titanium, by very high temperature composite type of things. So we are developing new fiber that will help the customer to develop new composite parts to replace potentially titanium parts and these type of things. Yeah, to be honest, I really feel good. It was really, I would say, very important for us to be back here after two difficult years and more, especially for the aerospace product. But it's really important to be able to, I would say, connect again with our customer, to connect again with the industry, with the full ecosystem. Because on the JEC we are not only able to speak with our customer, which is for sure very important and why we are here, but we are also able to, for example, connect with manufacturing equipment, with process people that are developing new process that can fit with our product. So it's really be part of the composite ecosystem, and it's why we really we are really proud to be part of the JEC show and to be out there after these two difficult years and why we want to be here. It's also for the global aspect of the JEC show because we can do all the trade show in the world. And being here, it's also the way to connect with, for sure, European customer or European supplier, but also for US ones, for Asiatic ones. So it's really important for us, and we are really pleased to be there after two years. Regarding the composites industry, the prospect is always positive because the lightweight is really a trend that we will continue to see, not only for economical reason-- we all see the price at this moment of energy-- but also to continue to improve the sustainability of the aircraft. And when I speak about the aircraft, I am speaking about all type of aircraft. We have new way of mobility that are coming on the market where the lightweight will be again and again an additional key point. So the future of the composite to lightweight material is still clear. We see on the JEC show a lot of new innovation coming in, not only typical composite but thermoplastic, ceramic, and so on. So I'm really confident in the future of this type of application and parts.

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      The 3M Aerospace team was excited to be back at JEC. Hear our perspective in this video.

      At the 2022 meeting of JEC World – the world’s leading tradeshow for the global composite industry – the 3M Aerospace team joined aerospace customers, manufacturers and process engineers face-to-face for the first time in over three years. We were excited to be back at JEC to help our industry partners simplify and solve some of their toughest design challenges through 3M Science.

      Hear Bertrand Volckcrick, technical manager for 3M Aerospace, discuss market trends, the latest 3M product innovations and the future of the global composite industry. Watch the official event video below.

      Contact the 3M Aerospace team. As you work towards the future of mobility, we’re here to help from design to delivery and beyond.

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