The perfect cure for your operation.
The perfect cure for your operation.

3M™ Honeycomb Bonding

There can be no compromise when it comes to reliability. 3M honeycomb bonding solutions stand up to challenging conditions and offer operational flexibility, with work lives as short as 4 minutes or as long as 5 hours. Superior mechanical properties allow you to achieve high durability and light-weighting goals. These proven adhesives answer the demand for strength while enabling more compact and lightweight designs.

    • Maximum shear, compressive and peel strength, based on your design and process parameters
    • Fast to moderate handling strength time offers operational flexibility
    • Highly durable to help provide high impact resistance
    • Cure at room temperature
    • Thixotropic properties offer controlled flow and sag
    • FR and FST options
  • Fill and reinforce honeycomb edges with 3M™ Edge and Void Fillers

Featured Products

    • Excellent for low temperature/ cryogenic applications
    • Resistant to extreme shock, vibration and flexing
    • Available in translucent and gray color
    • Combines high mechanical strength with excellent durability
    • Rapid cure at room temperature
    • Good adhesion to a wide variety of materials
    • Excellent where maximum mechanical strength is required, such as overhead luggage bins, stowage panels and monuments
    • 5000 psi OLS strength with 60 minutes work-life
    • Excellent sag resistance for vertical applications
    • Great choice for metal-to- metal bonding and fillet bonding
    • Fast handling strength (10 to 20 minutes)
    • Suitable when moderate mechanical strength is required
    • Best choice for ditch and pot applications
    • Excellent chemical and aging resistance
    • Airbus ABD-0031 compliant
    • Fast flow and strong mechanical performance make panel forming application easy
    • Suitable when low density and moderate shear strength are required
    • Low sag formulation offers a great option for edge casting applications
    • 20 minute work time allows for positioning and adjusting for fit prior to setting
    • Available in bulk or duo-pak cartridges
    • Flexible to withstand vibration