Meet strength requirements with half the weight.
Meet strength requirements with half the weight.

3M™ Potting Compounds


Need to cut weight from a ship-set? Apply 3M potting compounds, designed with high shear and torque strength, class-leading low density, easy flow for easy application and fast cure times. Our 3M glass bubble technology reduces weight, delivers high strength-to-weight ratio and has a consistent fast flow through dispensers. Easy-to-handle viscosity and fully pumpable systems save time and improve operational efficiency.

  • •  Attach panel inserts quickly, consistently and securely

    •  Low viscosity enables extruding and pumping with automated dispensing equipment

    •  Fast cure at room temperature yields higher manufacturing throughput

    •  Advanced formulation results in consistent density during both storage and automated pumping


  • 3M™ Potting Compounds


Featured Product

  • 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ EC-3542 B/A FR

    •  Low density

    •  High torque resistance ideal for inset potting application

    •  Non-sag formulation makes it a great option for edge casting applications

    •  FR compliant