Get the right applicator for your application.
Get the right applicator for your application.

3M™ Dispensing Solutions

Enhance production rates, reduce rework and get accurate adhesive placement.

  • Our manual and pneumatic applicators:

    • Provide optimal pressure
    • Fit with your work flow
    • Fit product selection for different applications
  • Simultaneously mix, meter and dispense 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Two-Part Structural Adhesives easily and efficiently.

    • Sulzer Mixpac MC 13-12 or MC 13-18 for hand dispensers
    • Sulzer Mixpac MC 13-18 or MC 13-24 for bulk dispensing systems
  • Our industry partnerships will help you meet your automation needs with 3M’s compatible, pumpable adhesives.

    • Bulk dispensing with operator or CNC/robotic
    • Fluidic PK2D Bulk Dispense Systems
    • Linear Displacement Pump
    • Accommodates bulk 5-gallon product
  • Apply the right amount in the right place.

    • Tips for edge fill, honeycomb reinforcement and partial cut filling
    • Reduce time and waste
    • Increase production rate