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Welcome to More than 70 Years of Aerospace Expertise.

The Greatest Asset in Aerospace: A Reliable Partner.

You strive to reduce weight, improve rates and increase efficiency, in production and in the aircraft itself. 3M can help. For more than 70 years, we have quietly, passionately worked with leading professionals to solve some of the greatest challenges in the aerospace industry. Our work has resulted in a wide-ranging portfolio of aircraft solutions – films, adhesives, sealants and surface protection to name a few. But it also makes us the most valuable asset you can have in aerospace: a reliable partner. One with a curious nature, and a willingness to push beyond the status quo. One that’s committed to helping you continually optimize costs throughout the entire cycle of aircraft design, production and maintenance. And, as one of the world’s most ethical companies, 3M is equally committed to sustainable solutions that help you build and maintain the safest and most efficient aircraft in the world. Discover how 3M can partner with you.

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3M partnered with Aviation Week Network to present: Advancements in Lightning Strike Protection Technologies for Composite Aircraft Structures.

  • Advancements in Lightning Strike Protection Technologies for Composite Aircraft Structures.

    On February 25th we hosted an engaging presentation with a live question and answer session exploring the past, present, and future of LSP materials for aircraft production, and how the use of new materials and processes can help solve for the biggest challenges facing manufacturers in the post-COVID-19 era.

    Attendees learned about the evolution of LSP materials for primary and secondary aircraft structures and how metal foil and adhesive surfacing film combinations can be tailored to meet today's processing, quality, and weight reduction targets. We also discussed new LSP material technology advancements including: Automatic Fiber Placement (AFP), nano fibers, sprayable solutions, and novel conductor concepts.

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Partnership Right Where You Need It.

Your most pressing challenges require the most immediate solutions. Your ambitious ideas can come to life with the right expertise and collaboration. A great place to start: exactly where you’re working on them, on or in the aircraft. We’ll meet you below.


With the right solutions, every challenge in aircraft interiors – every void, every bracket, every veneer and every monument – becomes an opportunity. Learn more now.

  • Our full range of adhesives, compounds and fillers can help you achieve the ultimate balance of weight, strength and aesthetic appeal in aircraft cabin design.

  • 3M polyurethane protection tapes and films enhance corrosion resistance and protect interior components while meeting exacting design and aircraft specifications.

  • Learn about 3M solutions for composite first-class aircraft seating structures, thermoplastic tray tables, fabric bonding, reclosable attachment and more.

  • Advanced materials improve passenger comfort and the reliable operation of aircraft components.

Optimizing designs, meeting stringent build-to-print requirements and cutting weight are just the start to truly setting you apart. Explore 3M aircraft structural solutions now.
  • 3M delivers complete integrated solutions for fabricating, bonding and protecting composite structures to meet exacting aircraft design requirements.

  • Partner with 3M - an aerospace company deeply rooted in metal fabrication, preparation, protection and bonding. Learn more about our solutions.


3M structural adhesive and surface protection technologies enable long term durability and performance in challenging performance applications such as propulsion.

  • 3M has a long successful history in the use of structural adhesives for bonding metal to composite.

  • 3M solutions for honeycomb core structure such as engine nacelles include surface preparation, corrosion inhibiting bond primers, structural adhesives and surfacing films.

  • Structural adhesive bonding for high temperature applications and bonded-in composite erosion protection solutions are just the start. Learn more about 3M fan blade / cold-side engine applications.

  • 3M has long been the supplier of choice for challenging helicopter rotor blade bonding and surface protection applications.

Assembly & Completions

When it all comes together, let 3M help ensure it bonds efficiently and stays that way with a full range of sealing and surface protection solutions. Check them out here.

  • From stripping to final touch-ups, 3M aircraft painting and paint removal solutions can save time, expense and rework all the way through the process.

  • When solutions for interior sealing, acoustics and corrosion protection arrive with efficiency built in, you gain a true advantage in aircraft assembly. Learn more.

  • The adhesion, sealing and protection solutions that 3M delivers for aircraft structural assembly have something extra built in: efficiency, and peace of mind. Learn more.


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    3M is with you from OEM to MRO.

    The design and construction of aircraft is just part of the story. To learn more about how 3M supports aircraft maintenance and repair operations, visit our aircraft MRO website.

Partnerships for the Lifecycle of Every Aircraft

Need Help Finding the Right Solution?

3M is constantly working to meet the evolving challenges of aerospace industry professionals worldwide. If you need help finding an existing solution or would like to talk about specific ideas you’re working on, get in touch with us, or find a distributor.