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Science has the power to help drive social impact. The global force of shifting demographics and social change highlighted by 3M Forward demonstrates how greater global connectivity means shifts in education, sustainability, equity and technology. These shifts can have impacts far beyond their geographic origin. Shared social changes offer personal and professional opportunities, but also present challenges, which companies like 3M are working to address.

The 2023 State of Science Index confirms that 86% of people believe STEM professionals have helped the world address recent global challenges and 93% believe skilled trade jobs have a positive impact on society. Since 2021, findings such as these have inspired two 3M docuseries, both of which bring our data to life by highlighting the personal perspectives and experiences of STEM and Skilled Trade professionals.

  • Not the Science Type

    Not the Science Type was created to spark a conversation about STEM equity and inclusion and to raise awareness of the impact on underrepresented communities and groups. Inspired by insights revealed in the 2021 State of Science Index, which confirmed girls and women in STEM continue to face obstacles because of their gender, amongst other barriers. The study found 59% of people say women and girls are discouraged from pursuing a STEM education more than men and boys. And 87% of people agree we need to do more to encourage and keep women and girls engaged in STEM education. By highlighting four brilliant minds, the film showcases women breaking down boundaries within their fields – including biology, engineering, and science and technology-based applications and their hopes to inspire the future generation of women scientists.

  • Skilled

    Skilled was created to spark a conversation about the realities of the skilled trades and address stereotypes that may discourage people from pursuing them. The series was inspired by 2023’s State of Science Index, which confirmed that while skilled trade workers are widely respected, a majority believe there is a negative stigma around the trade professions. The study found nine in 10 people believe more individuals would pursue a trade career if perceptions of the field improved. Additionally, 93% believe the skilled trade workforce needs more people and 92% see consequences if their country cannot find a solution to the shortage of workers, from declines in overall quality of life, to negative economic impact, neglected public infrastructure, and safety risks.

    The series features four trade workers—a plumber, fall protection specialist, welder, and film gaffer—at various stages in their careers and highlights the meaningful opportunities offered within the trades.

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    Not the Science Type

    Female scientists, including Jayshree Seth and Gitanjali Rao, challenge stereotypes and blaze paths for future generations in this 3M-produced docuseries.

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    Skilled: Shining a Light on the Trades.

    3M is raising awareness around the opportunities available in the trades through Skilled, a new docuseries created to dispel misperceptions and showcase diverse and meaningful trade careers.

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