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Quality management
Quality management

Leverage 3M’s artificial intelligence tools to identify patient safety issues in near real-time.

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What makes 3M’s quality management tools stand out from the crowd?

Within the 3M™ 360 Encompass™ System, powerful natural language processing (NLP) technology automatically analyzes available patient data—including electronic health record (EHR) templates and dictated documents—to identify unclear, unspecified or missing diagnoses and gaps in documentation.

When information is missing or needs clarification, 3M query technology puts both automated and customized physician queries into action. Our automated case-finding logic then uses algorithms to identify the specific cases that have early-warning quality indicators, so your quality team can zero in on the cases that matter most. Learn more in the quality services overview (PDF, 473 KB).

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  • Hierarchical condition categories (HCCs)

    Successfully managing HCCs requires complete documentation and coding, plus your staffs’ understanding of HCCs and how to address them. Does your current documentation reflect accurate risk scores for your patient population?

  • 3M™ Quality Services

    3M™ Quality Services

    With 3M Quality Services, you can focus your quality initiatives on the right problems and help ease the “quality initiative fatigue” that can plague your clinical, support and administrative staffs.

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Client results of PSIs, HACS and DRG assignment accuracy
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