hierarchical condition categories
Hierarchical condition categories. Paving the road to more accurate reimbursement.

What exactly are hierarchical condition categories (HCCs)?

HCCs are captured over the span of a year by documenting, coding, and billing the highest disease categories for a patient’s conditions. The HCC methodology is used to calculate risk adjustment factor (RAF) scores across the continuum of care. HCC RAF scores ultimately determine how accurate reimbursement is in the world of value-based care.

Successfully managing HCCs requires the understanding and practice of complete documentation and coding. Does your current documentation reflect accurate risk scores for your patient population?

How 3M can help

  • Assess

    1. Assess.

    Review and audit claims data and patient records to zero-in on your current HCC opportunity.

  • Implement

    2. Implement.

    Train your team and leverage technology to better care for high-risk patients and automate coding, CDI and physician guidance.

  • Sustain

    3. Sustain.

    Use custom reports to monitor data and results to provide ongoing care improvement.

What’s the solution?

Now is the time to learn how HCCs are changing the game and what to do next.

HCC management is complex and looks different from one organization to the next. Discover 3M’s extensive HCC approach to win at value-based care.

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Why HCCs should be on your radar

HCCs are the new buzzword in health care, but not everybody knows why or how to use them. 3M’s Donna Smith, RHIA, is a leading expert. She shares how to effectively manage HCCs in the following videos. Watch and learn.

Want all the info on HCCs?

Learn more about HCCs and our solutions to enhance them, today.

  • Infographic: managing HCCs

    Infographic: Managing HCCs

    During the year, all patient HCC diagnoses must be treated or evaluated, as well as documented, coded and billed in any care setting to accurately represent patient health risk.

  • Role of HCCs

    HFMA: The role of HCCs in a value-based payment system

    HCCs are increasingly important as hospitals move toward value-based care. Learn the 'why' and the 'how' in this Healthcare Financial Management article.

  • HCCs webinar

    Webinar archive: Best practices for HCC documentation and coding

    See why so many people tuned in to learn how HCCs can improve documentation and coding.

  • Fact sheet

    Fact sheet: 3M™ 360 Encompass™ Patient Insights Suite

    Discover a competitive advantage in HCC management. If you’re ready to produce precise documentation, coding and reimbursement, this fact sheet details how 3M can get you there.

  • Executive brief

    eBrief: 7 Steps to improve HCC capture

    Want to know exactly how HCCs impact payment models? Read our eBrief on accurate HCC capture to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Fact sheet

    Fact sheet: 3M HCC Services

    Not sure where to start? 3M has a multi-level approach to solving the HCC equation. Find what solution(s) best fit your organization.

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