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CMI improvement: What’s possible?

3M’s research quantifies the impact of coding and documentation on CMI.

Think CMI is out of your hands? Think again.

Case mix index (CMI) has a big impact on revenue—this you know. But what you may not be aware of is how much you can do to improve your hospital’s CMI.

A declining CMI is often the result of poor documentation. This means coding and clinical documentation teams play a considerable role in ensuring a hospital’s overall CMI is accurate. Complete and specific documentation fully captures a patient’s health status, which helps determine the just-right code. Accurate codes translate to appropriate diagnostic related group (DRG) assignments—the primary method public and private payers use to determine reimbursement.

A focused clinical documentation improvement (CDI) effort can greatly improve your hospital’s CMI.

How much CMI improvement is realistic?

Now that you know improving clinical documentation can improve your CMI, just how much improvement can you realistically expect? And how much revenue can you impact? 3M did a study to find out.

We examined whether hospitals using 3M™ 360 Encompass™ System, our platform for computer-assisted coding and documentation, experienced an increase in their CMI.

The results? Watch the short video to find out.

CMI improvement starts with revenue cycle management.

Take a deep dive into how computer-assisted coding (CAC) and CDI efforts can improve CMI—and your hospital’s bottom line.

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    Article: Has CAC lived up to its promise?

    Many hospitals implemented CAC to offset expected productivity losses due to ICD-10. Have they seen an ROI? The Journal of AHIMA takes a look at the outcomes and the role of CMI.

  • man reading at computer

    Whitepaper: CMI improvement and 3M 360 Encompass

    3M found that using 3M 360 Encompass leads to improved CMI, which can potentially impact hospitals’ revenue. It also uncovered the coding methods that affect CMI. Get all the details behind the study.

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    Infographic: A quick look at the numbers

    How much CMI improvement can you expect with 3M 360 Encompass? How does it impact revenue? How confident are we? See the highlights from our study.

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