Nexcare™ Heat Patch, 9.5 cm x 13 cm, 5/Pack

  • 3M ID YP202570096
  • UPC 4046719516896

Adhesive patch

Suitable for neck, back or shoulder pain

Up to 8 hours of heat

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  • Adhesive patch
  • Suitable for neck, back or shoulder pain
  • Up to 8 hours of heat
  • Single use
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Units per pack: 5

Nexcare™ adhesive patches are easy to apply and provide up to 8 hours of heat. They apply directly to the skin and can be worn under clothing, so you can get back in the Game.

Heat therapy helps to reduce muscle pain, improves blood circulation, promotes relaxation and may enhance mobility. Suitable for neck, back or shoulder pain. Invisible under clothing so you can continue with your day to day activities.


Warnings & Precautions

PRECAUTIONS Do not use the product: - on children. - on persons with tehrmoanalgesia (loss of temperature sense in some body parts). - on people who are unable to remove the patch by themselves. - on persons with cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, arthritis, phlebitis, bleeding tendency or other serious diseases. - in a state of decreased concentration e.g. after taking sedatives or consumption of alcohol. - on the facial area and mucous membranes. - on skin that is damaged, swollen, irritated or infected. - straight after an injury - heat may make swelling or bruising worse. - with any other products used in the affected area, including drugs or with any other heat sources, such as infrared radation devices. - in the bath or shower. NOTE: Like all heat sources, the product may cause burns. WARNING: Consult a doctor or pharmacist for usage during pregnancy or in case of any skin disease e.g. photodermatosis, psoriasis or very sensitive skin.