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3M Non-Adherent Wound Dressings

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9 Products


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3M™ Tegaderm™ High Integrity Alginate Dressing, 90110 3M™ Kerralite Cool™ Border Moisture Balancing Hydrogel Dressing 3M™ Tegaderm™ High Integrity and High Gelling Alginate Dressings, 90112 3M™ Kerramax Care™ Super-Absorbent Dressing 3M™ Kerracel™ Gelling Fiber Dressing 3M™ Adaptic™ Digit Non-Adhering Dressing 3M™ Adaptic™ Touch Non-Adhering Silicone Dressing 3M™ Silvercel™ Non-Adherent Hydro-Alginate Antimicrobial Dressing with Silver with Easylift™ Precision Film Technology 3M™ Adaptic™ Non-Adhering Dressing