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    Zen quiet and ambient lighting in a car?

    January 05, 2017
    • How science and technology help enhance your driving experience.

      Collaborating together, scientists, engineers and designers discover new solutions to automotive challenges. By engineering a new design component or crossing one technology with another -- like mixing abrasives fibers with nonwoven technology – they change how we think about our automotive experience. Sometimes it’s not a new discovery, but a new perspective.

      For decades, we've been a part of automotive science and have helped solve challenges – from the drafting board to the factory floor. We focus our energy on helping create solutions to help improve the driving experience.

      As markets change, so do the challenges we need to solve. In China, for instance, we’ve been collaborating with our OEM (original equipment manufacturer) customers, looking at new ways to advance automotive engineering and design. From lightweighting and emission reduction to relaxing ambient lighting and a zenfully quiet ride.

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      In the automotive industry things like fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and passenger safety improvements are constants. Cars function as transportation, but they are also a form of personal expression. Cars in China offer their owners a retreat from a crowded and noisy world, a place to relax and center themselves.

      That creates a different set of design challenges to explore. How do you engineer an engine that's even quieter, and a body and windows that dampen more noise? How do you design an interior to be aesthetically pleasing, but in an ambient way that doesn't attract attention to itself? How can you make a car more like a 'third space,' not just the way you get from A to B?

      These are the kinds of questions we start asking when we look at things with a new perspective. And as our world grows ever more connected, these shared perspectives are sparking change across the globe.