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3M™ MicroTouch™ System DST2270DX

3M(TM) MicroTouch System DST2270DX
3M(TM) MicroTouch System DST2270DX
The 3M™ MicroTouch System™ DST2270DX system is ideal for large-format LCD displays used for interactive digital signage and point-of-information applications. Available for 32", 40", 42", 46" 52" and 55" display sizes.
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3M IDDiagonal SizeOuter Area XOuter Area YView Area XView Area Y
9800033240746.16 Inch41.21 Inch23.62 Inch40.39 Inch22.8 Inch 
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9800033213440 Inch35.86 Inch20.61 Inch35.05 Inch19.8 Inch 
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9800032953633.17 Inch29.63 Inch17.07 Inch28.63 Inch16.07 Inch 
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9800033625955.16 Inch48.83 Inch27.97 Inch48.02 Inch27.16 Inch 
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9800033683840.71 Inch36.15 Inch21.025 Inch35.338 Inch20.213 Inch 
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9800032952847.59 Inch42.5 Inch24.28 Inch41.5 Inch23.28 Inch 
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9800032675541.57 Inch37.3 Inch21.25 Inch36.3 Inch20.25 Inch 
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9800033323142.05 Inch37.62 Inch21.6 Inch36.81 Inch20.79 Inch 
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9800033795052.51 Inch46.75 Inch26.75 Inch45.938 Inch25.938 Inch 
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9800033386847.1 Inch42.01 Inch24.1 Inch41.2 Inch23.29 Inch 
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10 Results (Displaying results 1-10)


Aspect RatioWide
Cable Exit12:00, 1:00, 11:00
Cable Length12 Inch
Cable Length (metric)304.8 mm
Cables Available32637
Cable Termination5 pin, N/A
ControllerSerial, USB
Controllers AvailableIncluded (98-0003-3627-5), Included (98-0003-3797-8), Included (98-0003-3426-2), Included (98-0003-3624-2), Included (98-0003-3288-6), Included (98-0003-3290-2), Included (98-0003-3287-8), Included (98-0003-3325-6), Included (98-0003-3214-2), Included (98-0003-3388-4)
Diagonal Size47.1 Inch, 46.16 Inch, 55.16 Inch, 40.71 Inch, 40 Inch, 42.05 Inch, 41.57 Inch, 47.59 Inch, 52.51 Inch, 33.17 Inch
Diagonal Size (metric)1334 mm, 1068.1 mm, 1208.7 mm, 842.5 mm, 1401.2 mm, 1196.3 mm, 1016 mm, 1055.8 mm, 1034 mm, 1172.5 mm
EU RoHS CompliantYes
Glass Thickness0.087 Inch, 0.09 Inch
Glass Thickness (metric)2.2 mm
Outer Area D47.49 Inch, 42.93 Inch, 48.95 Inch, 43.38 Inch, 41.82 Inch, 34.53 Inch, 56.27 Inch, 53.86 Inch, 48.43 Inch, 41.36 Inch
Outer Area D (metric)1243.3 mm, 1090.4 mm, 1368 mm, 1206.63 mm, 1050.6 mm, 1230.2 mm, 877.1 mm, 1062.2 mm, 1429.3 mm, 1101.9 mm
Outer Area X29.63 Inch, 36.15 Inch, 42.01 Inch, 41.21 Inch, 46.75 Inch, 35.86 Inch, 37.3 Inch, 48.83 Inch, 37.62 Inch, 42.5 Inch
Outer Area X (metric)1240.23 mm, 1046.64 mm, 1187.46 mm, 1079.5 mm, 947.42 mm, 918.21 mm, 1067 mm, 752.55 mm, 910.94 mm, 955.65 mm
Outer Area Y20.61 Inch, 23.62 Inch, 21.6 Inch, 24.1 Inch, 24.28 Inch, 27.97 Inch, 26.75 Inch, 21.25 Inch, 21.025 Inch, 17.07 Inch
Product StatusRecommended
Touch Technology3M Dispersive Signal Technology
View Area X36.81 Inch, 36.3 Inch, 35.338 Inch, 48.02 Inch, 41.5 Inch, 41.2 Inch, 28.63 Inch, 45.938 Inch, 40.39 Inch, 35.05 Inch
View Area X (metric)922.02 mm, 935.01 mm, 890.3 mm, 727.15 mm, 1026 mm, 1046.36 mm, 1166.82 mm, 897.57 mm, 1219.59 mm, 1054.1 mm
View Area Y22.8 Inch, 20.79 Inch, 27.16 Inch, 19.8 Inch, 25.938 Inch, 20.213 Inch, 16.07 Inch, 23.28 Inch, 23.29 Inch, 20.25 Inch
View Area Y (metric)408.05 mm, 513.4 mm, 529 mm, 579.2 mm, 514.35 mm, 591.42 mm, 689.8 mm, 658.82 mm, 591.56 mm, 502.8 mm

Touchscreen Technologies

With over 150 patents related to touch technologies, 3M Touch Systems expertise in this industry is extensive and ever increasing.

Bending Wave

Dispersive Signal Technology is 3M's proprietary implementation of bending wave technology, which 3M has enhanced to optimize real-time touch response for large-screen public-access applications.

Dispersive Signal Technology's theory of operation is based on piezos, mounted in each corner of the glass sensors, collecting and converting the bending wave energy created by a touch into digital signals that are processed by proprietary algorithms residing in the touch controller.

How Dispersive Signal Technology Works (Flash)

DST Application Brief (PDF 1.1MB)

Touch Electronics

The sophistication of any touch system is its electronics and 3M Touch Systems has been developing electronics solutions since the mid-1980’s.

Digital Signal Processing

Digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms are a core competency of 3M Touch Systems and 3M Dispersive Signal Technology (DST) uses these real-time DSP calculations to determine touch locations. The DST controller uses these advanced, proprietary algorithms to analyze the digital input provided by the piezo sensors.

How Dispersive Signal Technology Works (WMV)

DST Application Brief (PDF 1.1MB)