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Adhesion Testing

Test the adhesion to your substrates or standard substrates by measuring peel, shear, and other adhesion tests with the ability to quantify and rank performance of various adhesives on substrates.

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Adhesion can vary widely on different kinds of materials and substrates as well as being affected by the surrounding environment. Testing is the only true method of knowing what adhesives will work best on the wide range of materials that are in the industrial market. 3M provides scientific methodology using state of the art equipment and industry approved test methods including ASTMs, Automotive, Aerospace and other industry standards as well as internally developed test methods that will provide data and other relevant information on adhesion to your materials and what adhesives perform the best. We can test at a variety of test temperatures as well as after aging.

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Dynamic Mechanical Testing

Ability to measure modulus, shear, tensile, elongation, impact resistance and other dynamic mechanical properties of adhesives either alone or in combination with other materials.

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Understanding how your adhesive performs under various stresses and dynamic forces in all kinds of different environments can be critical to the performance of your overall product. 3M can measure the performance of adhesives alone or in combination with your materials to understand how the adhesive will perform in real life. Whether it is static or dynamic loading in tensile, shear, or compression, 3M can simulate these loads and forces in most geometrical orientations and environments. Data and analysis can be provided that gives you an understanding of how the adhesive and materials will perform under the duress of actual use conditions.

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Environmental Aging

Capability to expose adhesives, materials and applications to various temperatures, humidity, UV and other conditions, including the ability to cycle within and between various conditions. Also able to do natural outdoor aging in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota.

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3M offers a wide range of environmental aging capabilities utilizing an array of state of the art environmental chambers that can simulate conditions from severe artic cold to tropical or arid desert conditions. Actual test sites are available in various locations where natural outdoor aging can be done in cold Midwest as well as Arizona and Florida. Additional capababilities include UV exposure, salt spray, sterilization processes as well as other more specialized conditioning. This wide range of environmental conditioning capabilities can be customized to meet your needs and requirements including cycling between various conditions and then testing adhesion or mechanical properties.

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Adhesive Properties

Measurement of mechanical, thermal, electrical, rheological and other bulk adhesive properties.

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State of the art capabilities to measure all types of bulk adhesive properties including moduli, thermal properties and temperature limits, electrical properties, and rheological properties using standard ASTM methods or other methods including 3M developed adhesive characterization testing. The data and resulting reports will give you an understanding of not only how the adhesive will behave while being processed and dispensed but also how it will perform in actual use conditions and how it may improve the design or performance of your product. The data may also be used in your own joint modeling efforts.

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