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3M™ Superabrasive wheels

Designed for today's most challenging applications, from grinding hardened steels and superalloys to finishing materials such as glass, ceramics and tough composites. 3M Superabrasive Wheels are available in a wide variety of shapes, grades and materials to meet your specific requirements.

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Abrasive types

  • Diamond – the hardest substance known to man and the only abrasive capable of effectively grinding, cutting or shaping ultra-hard materials such as cemented carbides, ferrites and ceramics. Available in grit sizes 16-3000.
  • Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) – man-made, and second only to diamond in hardness. Durable, with accurate geometric control, it can efficiently grind hardened tool steels and superalloys. Available in grit sizes 50-600.

3M Superabrasive Wheels come in 5 different bond types…

3M™ Resin Bond Wheels

- Heavy, fast and cool cutting.

3M™ Polyimide Wheels

- Heavy stock removal, excellent form retention.

3M™ Brazed Wheels

- Single abrasive layer. Heavy stock removal. No dressing required.

3M™ Vitrified Wheels

- Ceramic bond. Form grinding on automatic equipment.

3M™ Metal Bond Wheels

- Retain shape and size during extreme grinding.