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3M™ Controltac™ Graphic Film IJ380CV3 – the intelligent printable film solution that remembers its new shape.

The latest innovation from 3M for full van wraps with maximum impact.

Full van rap over mug on roof demonstrating unlimited flexibility   Van door wrap over AC power cord hanging down from roof.   Van front with wrap over keys to van demonstrating faster application




Unlimited flexibility

Covers even the most irregular surfaces.



Safer application

No more film lifting, no more cutting the film during application.


Faster application

Thanks to adhesive technology and special application tools.


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Unlimited flexibility

With this intelligent film and overlaminate that “remember” their new shape, you have unlimited flexibility to create full van wraps with maximimum impact, even covering difficult 3D areas where other graphic films fail due to excessive internal stress.

3M™ Controltac™ IJ380CV3 and 3M™ Scotchcal™ Overlaminate 8580 have been specifically designed with full van wraps in mind. More than 5 years of research and development went into this 3D-conformable Printable Film Solution. The result is a graphic film and overlaminate that master the most irregular shapes on vehicle bodies with more ease than any product ever before.

The secret to this intelligent design? Both the Controltac™ Graphic Film IJ380CV3 and Scotchcal™ Overlaminate 8580 “remember” the new shape they are given once applied. After application there is no stress left in the film, so you can relax knowing your work will not keep you up at night.

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Safer application

IJ380CV3 Printable Film Solution has been developed for perfect 3D conformability and stays put in the most difficult application areas without the need to cut the film to relieve stress. This doesn’t only save you time, you also avoid risky cuts that can damage the paint on the vehicle body and cost hundreds of pounds to repair.

IJ380CV3 has been developed to be applied onto the most demanding surfaces without the need for making stress-relief cuts. This doesn’t just save you time, it also takes much of the risk out of full wraps.

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Faster application

IJ380CV3 features 3M’s proprietary Controltac™ adhesive, allowing you to slide and reposition the film before activating the adhesive which makes application easier and faster. With the specially designed application rollers even less experienced applicators can get started with fully wrapping vans.

3M is the inventor of many advancements in film and adhesive technology. The Controltac™ adhesive technology features small glass beads on the adhesive surface that prevent the film from sticking prematurely to the substrate. Once positioned properly, the pressure from the squeegee on the film forces the glass beads to be absorbed by the adhesive which then makes direct contact to the substrate and provides the required adhesion for a good bond of the film to the vehicle.

In addition, IJ380CV3 features the 3M's patented Comply™ adhesive performance feature that assists bubble-free application without affecting the smooth appearance of the face film. With Comply, special channels in the pressure-activated adhesive allow trapped air to escape to guarantee fast and easy application every time.

To ensure a perfect application every time, we have also developed special application rollers for forming the film into deep corrugations. Using the application roller ensures uniform pressure is applied on the film without friction. This prevents application lines, and allows air channels trapped between the film and the substrate to be closed.

Application Rollers

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