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CUNO DuoFLO™ Filter Element 

The patented CUNO DuoFLO™ filter system* is an advanced alternative to standard bag filters.  Developed using CUNO's extensive depth filtration experience, the DuoFLO filter media, featuring a true graded-porosity structure, is now available to users of standard bag type filters and housings. This feature, combined with a 62 % increase in filter surface area, ensures that DuoFLO filters provide: 

  • up to 4 times the service life of conventional felt filter bags 
  • superior contaminant removal efficiency 
  • enhanced flow per filter element 
  • reduced total filtration costs by minimizing production downtime, disposal and labor costs. 

The DuoFLO design incorporates an innovative new geometry of both filter element and restrainer basket which provides 100% 3 dimensional support of the DuoFLO media.  This eliminates the potential for filter element rupture and the resulting gross contamination of the downstream effluent with previously removed particles. In addition, the unique design of the DuoFLO element reduces filter element hold-up fluid volume by 67%  compared to conventional bags, minimizing worker exposure to process fluids. 

CUNO utilizes state-of-the-art technology to produce the DuoFLO filter element such that both performance and filtrate quality are optimized and customer satisfaction is ensured. DuoFLO filter elements are sized to replace conventional bag filters and are available in both polypropylene and polyester materials with nominal ratings from 1 to 100 micron. 



  • Unique filter design combining a graded-porosity media with 62% greater filter surface area.
  • Longer Service Life ĘC up to 4 times that of conventional felt filter bags 
  • Reduced Filter Usage - minimizes product loss, labor, disposal costs, and operator exposure 
  • Less down time for filter change-out increases productivity 
  • Hold-up volume reduced by 67% compared to conventional bag filters. 
  • Reduced product loss & related disposal costs 
  • Used element retains less fluid making it lightweight for easy removal 
  • Eliminates the need for displacement balloons and associated spillage during change-out 
  • 100%, 3 Dimensional support of the filter element 
  • Eliminates filter rupture, contaminant bypass and unloading 
  • Allows operation to higher differential pressures before filter change-out  
  • Superior flow characteristics 
  • Maximizes utilization of  filter surface area and maintains low operating pressure drop 
  • Reduces flow per unit area for improved effluent quality 

    The DuoFLO filter will easily retrofit most existing bag filter housings.  To take advantage of the DuoFLO system in applications where bag filter housings are currently in use, simply remove the existing bag support basket, replace it with a DuoFLO support basket, and insert the DuoFLO filter.  For new installations, CUNO offers a full line of DuoFLO filter housings.

    Please click here to request an Acrobat PDF with more information on DuoFLO.

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