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Microfluor® II
PTFE Membrane Cartridge and Capsule Filters

New, High Flow, Air Filtration Solutions Sterilizing Grade PTFE Filters

  • Full range of cartridge and capsule filter configurations available to meet all process conditions.
  • Reliable sterilizing performance based on liquid and aerosol validated organism retention.
  • Flow enhancing construction provides exceptionally high air flow rates with low differential pressures.

Microfluor.jpg Microfluor® II
Critical Sterilizing Grade PTFE Cartridge and Capsule Membrane Filters

  • Microfluor® II PTFE membrane filters offer the ultimate in microorganism retention for air and gas streams while providing superior air flow capacity.
  • CUNO'S Microfluor® II filters with flow enhanced construction allow use of smaller, more economical air filter assemblies compared to competitive air filters.
  • Microfluor® II filters provide validated microorganism retention based on liquid bacteria challenge and aerosol bacteriophage challenge.
  • Microfluor® II filters are available in a wide range of cartridge and capsule configurations to provide the most economical solution to air, gas and aggressive liquid.

Click here for a PDF on Microfluor® II PTFE Membrane Cartridge and Capsule Filters

Sterilizing Grade Filter Cartridges and Capsules

New FlexN™ Multi-Zone Membrane Design

  • Robust Sterile Filtration Performance.
  • HighThroughput Capacity, Double Layer FlexN Membrane Construction with Advanced PleatTechnology™ Design.
  • Available in 0.1 and 0.2 Micron Absolute Ratings in Cartridge and Capsule Formats.

SterASSURE™ filter cartridges and capsules are CUNO's latest advance in membrane filter technology.

SterASSURE.jpg Encompassing two leading-edge processes, Flex-N™ membrane manufacture and Advanced Pleating Technology™ (APT) design, SterASSURE filters offer robust 0.1 and 0.2 absolute micron rated filtration and exceptionally long service life. Designed with two layers of pleated Nylon 6,6 membrane in an all-polypropylene cartridge construction, SterASSURE filters are ideally suited for a wide range of sterilizing applications in the pharmaceutical, biological, and bioprocess industries.

  • SterASSURE filters, coupled with a CUNO LifeASSURE® PB prefilter, outperform competitive prefilter-final filter systems by up to 5 times!
  • SterASSURE filters, using double layer FlexN membrane, provide higher throughput than competitive 0.1 and 0.2 micron rated filters.
  • CUNO SterASSURE sterilizing grade final filters and CUNO LifeASSURE prefilters are constructed from like materials to ease validation and reduce product compatibility concerns.

From preflitration through final sterile filtration, to selective cell debris removal from biological fluids, CUNO is a leader in providing solutions to difficult process challenges.

Click here for a PDF on SterASSURE™ Sterilizing Grade Filter Cartridges and Capsules

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