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CUNO is a world leader in advanced depth filter systems and membrane-based separations for all facets of pharmaceutical production. From prefiltration to final sterile filtration, for laboratory to full manufacturing scale, CUNO has the answer to your challenging filtration needs.

Some applications include:

  • Parenteral pre-and final filtration
  • Sterile air filtration (tank vents)
  • High purity water filtration (DI or WFI systems)
  • Oral OTC product filtration
  • Solvent filtration
  • Reduction of bacterial endotoxins with charge modified filter media
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Betafine® XL ...the Betafine XL filter represents a major advance in pleated filter technology.
Zeta Plus® Generation 2 ...cartridge systems eliminate the problems associated with filter presse, reduced space requirements and product loss
Zeta Plus® BioCap ...capsule systems play an important role in the clarification of plasma-derived protein products in virtually every blood fractionation plant around the world.
PolyPro® XL ...provide high contaminant holding capacity while protecting downstream sterile filters.
Betapure™ NT-P Series

...the latest advance in polypropylene depth filtration technology


Zeta Plus® VR Series

...viral reduction depth filters remove significant levels of viruses from plasma-derived proteins, providing an added measure of end product safety.


SterAssure™ ...Sterilizing Grade Filter Cartridges and Capsules with the new FlexN™ Multi-Zone Membrane Design
Microflour II ...Sterilizing PTFE Membrane Cartridge and Capsule Filters, New, High Flow, Air Filtration Solutions
LifeAssure™ PB ...Cartridge and Capsule Filters for Pharmaceutical & Biological Service.
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