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NovylonNylon66 membranes for
In-Vitro Diagnostic Test Kits

Novylon Buildings on a history of innovation, CUNO's Novylon family of Nylon membranes features new levels of performance consistency and physical uniformity ideally suited for the rapid test manufacturer. With years of Nylon66 membrane process development, manufacturing experience, and numerous Nylon patents, CUNO's Flex NTM advanced proprietary casting technology1 delivers a Nylon membrane with unprecedented performance consistency for use in flow-through and lateral-flow rapid diagnostic test kits. The superior surface and cross-sectional membrane uniformity combined with Novylon Nylon's natural hydrophilicity and media strength provide rapid assay device manufacturers with advantages unattainable with other media technologies.

Novylon Advantages


  • Superior cross-web, down-web, and lot-to-lot consistency provides repeatable performance time after time, and reduces incoming quality inspections, chemistry rework, and scrap.
  • Narrow wicking rate ranges minimize lot-to-lot lateral flow chemistry adjustments.
  • Uniform side-to-side membrane surface characteristics eliminate media orientation concerns during device manufacture - both sides provide uniform kinetics and uniform signal color.


  • Enhanced tensile strength eliminates the need for additional laminated support and improves manufacturing durability when using automated and robotic processing.
  • Nylon-specific blocking kits are available to provide minimal background signal, rapid colloid movement, and reduced product development time.
  • Naturally hydrophilic without additives.


  • Available in two distinct end group chemistries to provide ease of selection for protein binding and sensitivity.
  • A wide range of pore sizes and wicking rates for flow-through and lateral flow configurations to provide exact conformance to your specific test requirements.
  • Available in rolls, sheets, and custom cuts to fit any process requirement.

Get the CUNO Novylon membrane advantage - develop your devices faster and with less trial and error!

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