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CUNO Filter Systems for Bioprocessing/Biologicals

When the question is quality, the answer is CUNO. Genetically-engineered biopharmaceuticals, plasma-derived biologicals, cell culture media and sera, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines and biologically-based diagnostics...

..are some of the world's most valuable products, products that demand the ultimate in purity and quality.

That's why, biopharmaceutical companies and biological manufacturers everywhere turn to CUNO for cost-effective solutions to a wide range of processing challenges - from the clarification of cell culture-derived proteins to the purification of plasma-derived biologicals.

They've discovered that CUNO filter systems consistently provide the requisite purity for the most demanding applications.

CUNO filtration products offer safety, efficacy and superiority. With over 200 patents worldwide, CUNO offers the most advanced and innovative products available for biological separations.

Discover CUNO's innovative solutions for the purification of bioprocess-derived proteins and biologicals.


  • Downstream protein purification
  • Chromatography column protection
  • DNA and endotoxin removal
  • Purification of diagnostic serums, reagents, and buffers
  • Cell Culture and Fermentation
  • Plasma Fractionation
  • Sterile Filtration of Biologicals
  • Utilities, Plant Services and Bulk Chemical Filtration


  • Sterile air filtration
  • Bioreactor feed stream clarification and sterilization


  • Clarification of plasma-derived biologicals
  • Clarification of toxoid broths for vaccine manufacturing
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Betafine® XL ...the Betafine XL filter represents a major advance in pleated filter technology.
Zeta Plus® Generation 2 ...reduces space requirements and zero edge leakage
Zeta Plus® BioCap ...cartridge systems play an important role in the clarification of plasma-derived protein products in virtually every blood fractionation plant around the world.
PolyPro® XL ...provide high contaminant holding capacity while protecting downstream sterile filters. With very low extractable levels, Zetapor membranes are non-particle shedding and are integrity testable.
SterAssure™ ...Sterilizing Grade Filter Cartridges and Capsules with the new FlexN™ Multi-Zone Membrane Design
Microflour II ...Sterilizing PTFE Membrane Cartridge and Capsule Filters, New, High Flow, Air Filtration Solutions
LifeAssure™ PB ...Cartridge and Capsule Filters for Pharmaceutical & Biological Service.
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