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CUNO is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of a comprehensive line of filtration products for the separation, clarification, and purification of food and beverage products. Some of CUNO's innovative solutions are:

In 1973, CUNO patented the first non-asbestos depth filter sheet, Zeta Plus® effectively solving a vexing health exposure problem faced by many beverage companies. Zeta Plus® is available today in an innovative cartridge design that eliminates leakage, contamination, and the high cost of a conventional filter press.

In 1995, CUNO patented a new, extremely durable microporous nylon membrane that withstands repeated hot water sanitization cycles-common practice in the food & beverage industries. This membrane is used in the BevASSURE™ line of filter cartridges to ensure microbiological stability and eliminate the need for pasteurization.

From beer to wine, bottled water to soft drinks, edible oils to chocolates, spirits and alcohol, CUNO supplies innovative, cost effective filtration and separation solutions for tough food & beverage applications.

Beer Brewing
Wine Manufacturing
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Beta-Klean™ ...a rigid, graded-density filter cartridge constructed primarily of acrylic fibers, cellulose fibers, and a tough, chemically resistant thermosetting resin
Beta-Klean™ Z2 ...a range of food grade filter cartridges that provide consistent quality and performance
Betafine® XL ...the Betafine XL filter represents a major advance in pleated filter technology, using a patent pending APT that increases the usable filtration surface area.
BevASSURE™ II ...incorporates FlexN™ membrane technology that allows casting of an integral membrane onto a variety of substrates

...unmatched flexibility in creating a multi-zone membrane that offers the maximum in contaminant holding capacity while maintaining high retention efficiency

Micro-Klean® III ...continuous refinement of manufacturing and fiber technologies
Micro-Wynd® II ...a major advance in blanketed filter technology
Betapure™ NT-T Series ...all polypropylene filter is constructed using a patent pending process that utilizes flow enhancing filter media and an innovative flow pattern
PolyPro® XL ...provide the answer for a broad range of prefiltration and purification applications with MaxMedia™ construction multi-layer filter graded-density media, this filter the extensive range of proprietary filter media formulations and porosities optimised for demanding filtration duties.

Zeta Plus® Generation 2 ...reduces space requirements and zero edge leakage
LifeASSURE® BW ...used as final filters in bottled water and other beverage grade water requiring high retention of Cryptosporidium, Giardia, heterotrophic plate count (HPC) bacteria, and other microorganisms.

PolyPro® XL Std 53 ... ANSI/NSF std.53 Certified Cyst Retentive Filter

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