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CUNO Filter Systems for Winemaking

In wineries from the fields of Bordeaux, to the vineyards of Napa, to the Barossa Valley, CUNO has worked for decades with winemakers providing the filtration expertise required for absolute clarity and stability of fine wines.

This expertise has led to a number of groundbreaking CUNO inventions, including theasbestos-free depth filter; Zeta Plus® the Nylon membrane, Zetapor® and now, the first Nylon membrane optimized to withstand the arduous conditions found in wineries,


CUNO takes a systems approach to helping winemakers optimize their filtration. Just as a fine wine is more than the sum of its parts, CUNO works individually with the winemaker to design the optimum system for clarification, prefiltration and final filtration. This results in integrated filtration systems that reduce overall filtration costs while maintaining efficiency and reliability.


  • Rough & Polishing Clarification
  • Ultrafine Filtration
  • Membrane Filtration
  • Membrane Prefiltration
  • Water Filtration


CUNO filter systems deliver ECONOMICAL answers to the filtration needs of winemakers.

  • longer filter life and higher throughputs
  • reduced labor and change-out time
  • exceptional contaminant holding capacity
  • filter cartridges designed for regeneration and reuse
  • consistent, reliable quality


CUNO filter systems offer CONVENIENCE and ease-of-use.

  • easy filter installation and rapid change-out for minimal downtime
  • user friendly housing designs
  • wide range of products to match all process flow rates
  • leak-free, totally enclosed filter housings


CUNO filter systems deliver world wide QUALITY for consistent operation.

  • ISO 9001 manufacturing facilities
  • world wide manufacturing and distribution
  • rigorous in-house testing and validation
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Beta-Klean™ Z2 a range of food grade filter cartridges that provide consistent quality and performance
BevASSURE™ II allows casting of an integral membrane onto a variety of substrates
Micro-Wynd® II a major advance in blanketed filter technology
PolyPro® XL .provide the answer for a broad range of applications
Zeta Plus® Generation 2 reduces space requirements and zero edge leakage

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