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CUNO Filter Systems for Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical manufacturers around the world depend
on CUNO advanced filtration technologies for efficient
contaminant removal and superior equipment protection!
CUNO products significantly lower production costs while
helping to provide the highest quality, contaminant-free
final product. From grease blending to the most select
grades of fine chemicals, CUNO leads the way in refinery
filtration technology.


  • Acids, bases, organic solvents, catalysts,
    monomers, polymers, and feed stocks
  • Petroleum products including gasoline,
    kerosene, lube oils, and fueloils
  • Water-potable water, process water,
    boiler feed, demineralized feed, pre-reverse
    osmosis, and waste water

Process Protection with Exceptional Service Life
When protected by CUNO Filtration Systems,
chemical refining processes operate more
efficiently. CUNO's filtration systems provide
consistent effluent quality,reproducible filtration
efficiency and exceptional service life.

Complete Filtration Systems CUNO offers a broad
range of filter systems that combine user friendly
housings with some of the industry's most effective
filter products:


Petro-Klean® Filter Elements

...for the demanding filtration requirements of chemical production

Beta-Klean® Filter Elements ...a rigid, graded-density filter cartridge constructed primarily of resin
Betapure® Filter Elements ...designed for optimum filtration quality, Betapure filters are ideal for pre RO, blend water, wash water, and the production of a wide range of fine chemicals
Auto-Klean® Filter Systems ...removing particles in resins, greases, inks, tar, waxes, soaps, oils, and fuels
Express Series™ Filter Housings ...constructed to fit the special requirements of customer's system as a standard product

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