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CUNO Filter Systems for Paint, Resins, Coatings & Inks

For many years, manufacturers of paint and
coating products have depended on CUNO filtration
systems to ensure the efficient production of superior
products. From trade paints to the highest quality
automotive finishes, to the finest inks and high capacity
magnetic coatings, CUNO provides the ultimate
solution to challenging filtration applications.



  • Trade Paints
  • High Quality Paints and Fine Finishes
  • Electrodeposition Paints
  • Automotive Top Coats
  • Inks
  • Resins
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Betafine® XL
...representing a major advance in pleated filter technology
Betapure® Filter Elements ...ideal for use in paint, resin, coating and ink manufacturing as well as process applications
CTG-Klean® ...totally enclosed filtration system that uses a separate pressure vessel and disposable filter pack to isolate the product to be filtered from the housing

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