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Engineered Filtration Solutions

Fluid Processing - Filtration
for the Industrial Manufacturing

CUNO's Fluid Processing provides filtration and separation solutions to a wide range of users in processing and manufacturing industries. Whether
it's process water clarification, fine ink pigment classification, or removal of contaminating solids from natural gas, CUNO has the filtration product to meet
your needs.
For more information about CUNO
solutions in your specialty, select from the following:


  • Electronics and Electronic Component Manufacturing
  • Petrochemical/Chemical Processing
  • Oil & Gas Processing
  • Paint & Coating Production and Applications
  • General Industrial Applications


  • Industrial Filter Housings
  • Industrial Filter Cartridges

CUNO is a U.S. based multinational, high technology company with worldwide distribution and manufacturing facilities. The majority of CUNO's manufacturing sites have ISO 9001 registered quality systems. Global manufacturing sites together with trained stocking distributors and state-of-the-art laboratory support bring
quality solutions to challenging gas processing applications. CUNO's world-class manufacturing plants are located throughout the world assuring a consistent supply of advanced filtration products for gas processing, oil refining and petrochemical applications.

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