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Electronics Solutions

CUNO filtration products provides solutions for the unique filtration challenges of advanced manufacturing technologies. A full range of filters and housings can be ordered to address every process need - from ultra-pure water to complex slurry distribution.


  • Electronics Water - featuring innovative charge modified membranes and advanced housing solutions.
  • Photoresist & Special Fine Chemical manufacturer - Unique bottling and purification products deliver chemicals with metal ion down to ppb/ppt contaminant levels.
  • CMP Application for Data Storage, optical filter slurry manufacturing, silicon water & semiconductor.
  • CD, CD-RW, DVD Disc manufacturer
  • Hard disc manufacturer - All applications from substrate production to read/write head cleaning
  • FPD manufacturer - super clean cleaning for clarity
  • Printed circuit board manufacturer - Water and beyond, including economical solutions for cleaning and plating applications.
  • Other electronics - Products designed for ceramic/tantalum capacitor, and resistors advanced surface mount technology production.
  • CRT manufacturer - Including phosphor slurry, carbon slurry & PVA application solutions.

CUNO is a leader in advanced filter systems and membrane based separations, offering a range of products for semiconductor and electronic component manufacturing.

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Electropor™ ER Series ...cartridges deliver high purity deionized (DI) water required by the semiconductor and general electronics industries
Micro-Wynd® II ...provides superior flow rates, greater filtration efficiency, and consistent filtration characteristics from cartridge to cartridge, lot to lot
Betapure™ NT-T Series ...all polypropylene filter is constructed using a patent pending process that utilizes flow enhancing filter media and an innovative flow pattern
PolyPro® XL ...provide the answer for a broad range of applications
Zeta Plus® EC / 40Q Series ...filter cartridges have been developed specifically for the filtration of photoresists, resins, and solvents used by the electronics industry
PhotoSHIELD ...filter cartridges developed specifically for Photoresist & fine chemical. Pve-wetting is not required when using PhotoSHIELD
LifeASSURE IMC ...high efficiency membrane cartridge designed for all general cleaning and pre-filtration applications

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