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Parts Cleaning in Manufacturing Processes
Industries Currently Using Cuno Filter Systems for Parts Cleaning Operations
Aerospace & Aircraft Components
Coatings & Finishes
Computer & Storage Equipment
Defense / Military
Electrical Equipment
Fabricated Metal
Industrial Machinery
Medical Devices
Metalworking Machinery
Motor Vehicle Body & Parts
Non-Metal Products (ceramics, Glass, composites)
Original Equipment Manufacturers
Optical & Photographic Equipment
Plastics & Rubber Manufacturing
Semiconductor & Electronic Components
During the manufacturing and assembly process, materials often require cleaning to meet product standards. For example, fuel injection systems for automobiles must have the parts cleaned before assembly and tested after assembly to assure proper operation of the injector valves. If contaminant is present, the injector could stick resulting in poor engine performance and costly maintenance expense. The use of the appropriate filtration scheme based on a "cleanliness" specification for the parts cleaning system is critical in achieving the most cost effective and reliable process.

Cuno manufactures a wide range of filters and filtration systems suitable for almost all parts cleaning operations. Since the "best" solution for your process is dependent on fluid/filter compatibility, contaminant load, and flow requirements, it would be impossible to list by specific application, therefore, the following table lists Cuno filters by material and rating "range".

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